Inflation office into a "depression"
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Fight inflation to go from here? 10 years ago, 100 students spend half enough, but now? In the "garlic you relentless", "Jiang your army" period, 100 yuan can only buy 5 pounds pork ribs, a bag of rice, a barrel of oil ... ... more expensive in price today, you will find less and less money The flowers, so many people to issue such a feeling, "You can run, but Liu Xiang, but you have to run through the CPI". Is that inflation is an indisputable fact, forced to face devaluation of assets, where we put money in it? Investing in gold? Gold from the beginning of the year rose to $ 1,430 $ 1,226, the current price is already high. Invest in stocks? In 2008 the stock fell from 3000 until 6000, a pathetic state, the BMW into the bike out more from the spring of 2010 fell to 2,400 points 3,200 points straight, so turbulence What you dare to enter the market. Throughout the various investment products, or invest in real estate the most robust. At present, Fuzhou, after a number of real estate speculation, the price is quite high already, ahead of real estate investment value has been overdrawn, the investment rate of return is not high. The same lot of office space has fallen into "depression", but below domestic prices, the root cause of this phenomenon is its value has long been seriously underestimated. Compared with similar cities in the country, this "price inversion" phenomenon will return to reason, showing a huge rise office space, this time is the time investment. Good investment prospects to become the meat and potatoes of Fuzhou Office In fact, the hot housing market have cooled the city, commercial real estate has shown a rising trend of violent, Beijing in May this year, part of the sales price of commercial projects were up there a certain level, the highest increase of 49%. The reason, industry experts believe that the appreciation of the commercial real estate space advantage in attracting a large number of investors to enter. Data show that after the New Deal, Fuzhou commercial real estate into a volume increase of about three, the rent also rose 10% -15% dose l prices go situation. In the last year, Fuzhou, Fujian Building Yangqiao Dong Road, rent is 19 yuan / square meter, this rose to 35 yuan / square meter, or up to 45%. The rate of increase of rent, the investment office for more than investment in domestic benefit. On the other hand Hercynian big building, Fuzhou Hercynian economic circle as the core city's rapid economic development, a large number of regional headquarters of multinational corporations will have settled in Fuzhou, Fuzhou office market demand. Besides, the government gradually introduced a series of supporting policies for small and medium enterprises, growth companies such as Fuzhou, an important force for economic transformation, will lead to high-quality, cost-effective steady demand for office space. High-quality commercial office buildings will be competition for business in Fujian's "meat and potatoes." Investment to the "money" worth the investment office in Fuzhou Which? Despite the rise office building gradually into the channel, but for investment, the products are good or bad. Everywhere in the office how to choose? Investment experts believe that: Investment offices need to see a lot, customer groups, property quality, property management and other factors. Large number of cases at home and abroad show that the properties above the city center and the subway, in terms of appreciation potential and resilience are better than other regions. Yu Yang, as the central golden (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units) that occupy the core of the city poised, the scarcity of pure commercial office building, will be the New Deal regulatory period, and inflation during the excellent investment choices. Yu Yang Central Golden, Fuzhou Road, the only sale Bayiqi pure business office project, located in Fuzhou, the axis of the most prosperous commercial middle of May through convergence Street shopping district and business district, Taijiang district, Fuzhou is the history of commercial the birthplace of the ancient merchants compete for the pot of gold. Around the project and the supporting very well, convenient transportation and subway line after 1,2, two Metro property. Also in the property management, Yu Yang became the central payment office in Fuzhou the first organization to import gold key property, the introduction of five-star service for the enterprise concept, achievement-level office in Fuzhou, chief tripod.