Office rents in Puxi peak of nearly 2 years
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"Grade A office leasing Puxi unprecedentedly active, large transactions are frequent. In the third quarter, Bank of Shanghai in Jing'an District, 1788 International Center of 3,300 square meters of leased office space; Squibb in Jing'an District, Wheelock Square Lease of 6,200 square meters of office space; King & Wood in the Xuhui District of Shanghai ICC, leasing 7,500 square meters of office space. "Colliers International managing director of East and Southwest Lin Weng," said Pu Grade A office market as the recent West highlights, with many multinational companies to restart interrupted for nearly two years of expansion plans, the market demand continues to increase, office rents in Puxi is the peak of nearly 2 years. " Overall rental firm 7 yuan / square meter / day From the office of Colliers International's latest market report that the third quarter of 2010 Grade A office market remained stable, the market demand and new supply, new flat, the vacancy rate and rents remained stable. In particular, Rent chain is increased marginally by 0.4% to 7 yuan per square meter per day, although higher than the historical peak of a certain distance, but has reached a peak of nearly two years. From the CBD area in Jing'an, Luwan and Changning slightly higher rent, which is still the Shanghai Jingan most expensive office space, the rent increase was also highest in the chain, the average rent from the second quarter to 7.7 yuan / square meter / day up 7.9 yuan / square meter / day. Analysis of the industry, many multinational companies in Puxi began their expansion plans, the market demand growth significantly, this trend will further promote the market to pick up the pace of office in Puxi, Canada Of the original tenants and owners are willing to contract, the owners tend to raise the rent to get more profits, a conservative estimate, Puxi central business district this year, Class A office rents is expected to exceed 10% year on year increase. Caojiadu office raised "catfish effect" It is worth mentioning that, in Nanjing West Road, CBD, Wheelock Place, Park Place, East Square, Kerry Center Phase II, Class F, 1788 International Center behind the leasing activity, with which the adjacent office Caojiadu "catfish effect Should be "surfaced. It is reported that retail giant NOVO, APP Sinar Mas Group, the world's largest provider of workplace solutions, respectively Yueda 889 Regus rented 4,000 square meters, 2,000 square meters with 2,000 square meters of office Area. Not only attracted a large number of Fortune 500 companies to enter, but also stirred Running out of the office market Jing upgrade the overall level of rents way up. Fourth quarter of 2010, a tense battle, or in Jing'an District rents start. Among them, the first "working Paradise" theme office and by the 500 companies and other tenants sought-Yueda 889 ready for use. Yue Up to 889 the total area of 10 square meters, about 120 meters high, some of which approximately 40,000 square meters office building, designed by the famous American original architectural design firm Callison, incomparable location advantage, mature business matching, can be Free space pattern of division of humanity, as well as for business people in particular to build a green roof garden, including Yueda 889 itself has 50,000 square meters, "Phantom Genting" shopping center, have been making the building industry Praise. Meanwhile, Yueda 889 SNS was first introduced in Jing'an District, the network interaction platform 889 as the center of radiation to form a community, the traditional office closed pattern is broken, open, free, personalized ring the office Obtained throughout a wide range of tenants alike. Analysts Jones Lang LaSalle said: "Yueda 889 current rent level is still moderate, with many multinational companies settled in the near future, the next six months is likely to rise, at least 20% upside, and will pull Cao Hongjiadu overall Grade A office market rents. " Jing'an, Huangpu Puxi is expected to continue "business hot" After the Expo with the positive impact for the office market will gradually appear, Puxi central business district will still continue the recent strong performance. New supply for the future, with the Huangpu District Jing'an District, there will also be series of Grade A office Building new supply, accelerate the rise of multinational corporations in Puxi to meet the "return to boom", continuing business leasing heat. For example, the People's Square is located in the CBD Hung Cheung Building will be formally enter the market, total construction area of 23,000 square meters, a total of 18 floors, located in the Nanjing Road and the Yellow River Road Interchange, and the "Far East, the first high-rise" city coordinates of the origin country International Hotel, across the road, sitting on urban economic administrative, cultural, commercial and transportation hub of business functions in a strategic location. Colliers International commercial agent of the project director Lai Jinxiong lease very promising: "People's Square area, is one of many competing domestic and foreign enterprises settled in one of the core business district, the relative scarcity of new supply, and Hung Cheung Building Quality of the building business, but also for the strength of individual business enterprises to provide the best choice. "It is reported that the project set up a special VIP executives elevator, lobby directly from the top floor, each with a star pantry, and configure Import water purification devices, the building will be dedicated to creating layers 16-18 to provide a business platform for high-end VIP club, the basement is used by the Xing Hua Lou Group white restaurant opened its advantages for customers in a warm and settled Good food and beverage service, room 3-4, the podium will be equipped with super-star of the Yangtze River Theater, to provide comfortable, safe, efficient, energy saving, multi-functional office environment.