Zi Xuan Park Offices for lease office space at their prices a small area of 2
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An Wai Avenue, Dongcheng District, located in the purple Xuan Park office, the existing small area Scriptorium rental, minimum area of 20 square meters of hall, the biggest bay area of 110 square meters. Rent is 2.8 RMB / square meter / day (including property and water charges). The office provides land mobile parking spaces, 200 yuan / month / person. Zi Xuan Park office is located in the vicinity of the North Second Ring Road Metro Link. An Wai Avenue east, near Lake Park Youth; south by the North Second Ring Road subway, close to the workers at the newspaper; west of the Drum Tower Outer Street, near Lake Park was given; Compound north of the General Political Department, a Liuyin excellent quiet park environment. Near the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Commerce and Industry. Traffic. Agriculture. Bank of China, supporting facilities. General information: Business Circle: East Second Ring Central line: within the Second Ring Address: An Wai Avenue, Dongcheng District Refer to price: 2.8 yuan / square meter / day (includes property costs and water) Surrounding traffic: Bus 409, in particular 2,113,380 Road Metro Line 2