Building city first technical forecast release a house to sell much rarer patter
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From last year second half of the year begins, agitation of be expected to fall of countrywide building city rises gradually. After near one year, building city should move toward He Fang again, should viewpoint of market main trend fix eyes upon where? Experts analyse a personage with the market always is opinions differ from each other to these problems, forecast in all markets that contain individual tendentiousness more or less in, technical analysis besides offer a brand-new perspective to us beyond, still will be close to nitty-gritty more.

Why is the house bad to sell?

Before because those who come on stage is in by last year September,the market backwater of general self-identity on the market is " 2 flatlet " wait for assorted banking policy, but after Zhengzhou sends a Cao Qingwei of chief inspector of research and development of landed and advisory limited company to consider together, think, reason of vicissitude of the market concerns with this not quite.

Market of house of town of building of 1~8 month Zhengzhou was experienced 2007 fast small wave motion rises, after achieving historical new Gao Zhi, the market clinchs a deal quantity however swerve appeared to fluctuate substantially downtrend. The residence clinchs a deal volume level is in even the share dropped in Feburary 2008 2005 level of the corresponding period (see Zun Tu) .

Clinch a deal from the residence of 15 months in the past the quantity looks, why can Zhengzhou building city arise so acuteness shake? Be the market fluctuates normally or action of policy of explicit adjusting control makes like that? A lot of people think building city clinchs a deal the quantity glides considerably basically is " 9 · 27 " the room is borrowed new politics bring about. Although say the room is borrowed new politics restrained housing to invest demand greatly, but the adjustment that building city's fluctuant reason also follows market oneself interior greatly concerns couplet. The A in Zun Tu is to point to 2007 of 1~8 month clinch a deal quantity, this one phase clinchs a deal wave motion rises the quantity, b phase was 2007 8~10 month, this one phase clinchs a deal the quantity drops, and C phase is to show 10~12 month clinched a deal 2007 measure ascendant area, d phase is to point to in December 2007 ~2008 year Feburary clinch a deal the volume drops area.

What differ with city of other and coastal a gleam of is, borrow in the room new politics city of building of the Zhengzhou before coming on stage clinchs a deal the quantity has been adjusted ahead of schedule, and be in new politics after coming on stage, clinch a deal the volume rises considerably however, in November 2007 portion epigenesis hands in a quantity to begin to give now to slip. Demonstrative building city clinchs a deal the quantity is borrowed in the room new politics the change that publishs around has nothing to do with policy, it is the self-correcting of residential market interior completely. To November 2007 Zhengzhou building city clinchs a deal after the portion the adjustment of the quantity is in a gleam of the influence of coastal city leaves generation, last year Shi Zaizhong of king of the last ten-day of a month ended November TV station " economy half hours " the opinion on public affairs that the column appeals to the house is bought again after 34 years, more heavy the wait-and-see attitude of building city. This kind of wait-and-see mood affected Zhengzhou building city. The market clinchs a deal the quantity is to be in low confuse condition, will still rebound considerably?
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