Economic shift effect is not big property right of land of adjusting control lan
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Xu Shao of minister of ministry of land natural resources history say, chinese land benefit is wasted with extensive serious, land supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding, violate compasses break the law to be banned repeatedly with the ground more than. Want to enhance the specific aim of land adjusting control and effectiveness, use the economic method such as land price and tax cost morely, strengthen and improve land adjusting control. (China News Service on June 24)

In the instantly with rural land not at present clear property right, use the economic method such as land price and tax cost, strengthen and improve land adjusting control, I think its effect won't be too big.

Near future of Han Jun of minister of ministry of country of research center of development of the State Council passes rural survey to discover, rural land exists " 3 tendency " : The first tendency is a whole country bring into a city to build planning area, specific place turns the collective land of whole country entirely for state-owned land; The 2nd tendency is a village appoint meeting instead is resided appoint meeting, collective land also subsequently instead is state-owned land; The 3rd tendency is relation of optional change property right, namely alleged " take land to change the status " , " take land to trade social security " (" daily of the first finance and economics " on June 24) . Produce the right as a result of collective land money unidentified clear, cause land cost too low, retain link does not have corresponding compensation, local government gains huge profit through developing land, and the master benefit of land very few or not benefit.

Look in me, right of collective land property is not clear, it is the germ of land out of control. Same land, gain profit in the farmer very few, but arrived development became enormous wealth in business hand, among them crucial factor is land money property right clear in development business hand. Actually, land should is fortune in whose hand. But, rural collective land is attributive the farmer is not clear, the farmer lacks hegemony and control authority to land, consequently local government wants to receive homecoming to have receive homecoming to have, want how to sell how to sell, farmer lost territory does not get benefit, namely of of course. To collective land of the country, the farmer has no right to decide whether its trade not only, and have no right to achieve earnings as far as possible from inside land deal, this is inequitable to them.

June 25 is the whole nation day of eighteen land, its theme is compose establishs safeguard and the new mechanism that promote scientific development. Wang Shouzhi of director of department of code of policy of department of land natural resources, learned to hold in Chinese land recently " land management and scientific progress " express on the informal discussion, land ministry is opposite " land management method " when undertaking modification, most the reform of core may be the reform on the form that in rural collective land property right implements and system, it is the liability system that builds land to use next. Han Jun suggests, ask for the ground mandatorily, must fall to be restricted to lowest; Contract the ground wants matter right to change; Curtilage base should make a true property right, "These are hasten of general trends place " .
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