Shenzhen collective stops to add a bank for the number group send the short mess
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Be versed in on sessional now Shenzhen subbranch of a bank of the hill austral travel is sued originally stop the person that offer one case postpones open a court session because of some respect reason, and the reporter understands from relevant channel again at present another collective stops Shenzhen for in the case, stop still increasing ceaselessly for owner amount, owner also is about to be safeguard oneself rights and interests and " somewhat movement " .

Stop to increase ceaselessly for the number

Provide the lawyer introduction that law seeks advice from for owner according to be, the owner that signs law to entrust an agreement with its at present is already close 70 people, and number still is increasing. The reporter contacted this to break again later for the building dish owner represents Miss Ma, she tells a reporter, the building that its buy dish 2 period share 700, already about 300 of work off, have about at going up the month was joined 20 numbers 70 stop for cavalcade, and register now stop to make an appointment with 80 for owner. "The likelihood still has one part owner to stop after offerring, did not register, but estimate according to me, stop always offer a number to may be controlled in 100, and this number still can increase ceaselessly " , miss Ma tells a reporter.

Introduce on behalf of Mr Li according to another owner, they choose to offer solid belong to lift helplessly, "The house of the bed agreement in just buying oneself to buy room contract at the outset " . The reporter also is informed from acting attorney office, in light of the relevant data that masters at present with respect to him, development business is in ratio of volume of village gate landscape, building, village the respect such as area of nursery school of form a complete set closes with what sign at the outset really Alexandrine have a difference, and owner is in later apparent effect all was not obtained in talking things over of business for many times with development. "Miss Ma says to the reporter, "We also were to be passed for many times harmonious, include a government sector to appear personally even, but do not have be successful, do not have method really just give this ' a bad plan ' , we are not break because of the problem of capital for " .

Also expressed same view to the reporter when thing lawyer. "According to me understanding has a lot of to break the asset scope that offers owner sufficient can money of one-time paid house, from the point of this respect, they choose to offer having very large possibility is to safeguard the rights and interests of oneself only, break offerring is a kind of method only just " .

When the law that asks when the reporter whether two owner delegate is clear about supply and demand to should be assumed is sequential, two delegates all state all owner that register had consulted a lawyer with respect to this problem, the law that the act that understands them will assume is sequential. "We know building quality, form a complete set does not amount to the building quality problem such as mark is the thing between our owner and development business, and break for what involve it is owner and bank two respects, we understand this is two kinds of disparate impacts, but we are being communicated with development business now fall to be able to choose its route only without the circumstance of fruit " , miss Ma tells a reporter, "And those who pass our owner is various understanding, seem to be put in some kind to contact between bank and development business " .
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