Building dish sales promotion aims at team of Olympic Games China to win privile
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As Olympic Games match undertake, the bazaar on Shanghai, supermarket joins contest of car Olympic Games in succession, combinative Olympic Games rolls out a series of sales promotion activities. Shanghai goes upstairs city also aims at Olympic Games business chance, sales promotion activity and link up with of Olympic Games gold, make on Shanghai consumptive market was diffusing in August grumous Olympic Games breath.

The reporter discovers in interview, in former years was controlled in August, many bazaar, supermarket has entered dozen of period of time that loses change garments according to the season, especially summer goods, summer wear, metropolis with " change garments according to the season checks inventory " , " Xia Mo is favourable " wait for name to undertake sales promotion hit fold. During the Olympic Games, the look of people focusing is on Olympic Games match, many consumer are groovy to the businessman dozen fold sales promotion activity not to catch a cold. To this, many businessmen play Olympic Games card opportunely in succession, groovy sales promotion activity and Olympic Games link up with, affix " Olympic Games label " with farther absorbing gas.

Bazaar places a sofa to see a match for the guest

Borrowing the east wind of the Olympic Games, on Shanghai many bazaar, big sell begin to hit in succession fold, sales promotion, especially of the beverage, beer, snacks favour when watching the game " small 0 mouths " ground of be perfectly justifiable begins " special offer " . Still a few businessmen are hit " cheer 2008 " banner, depreciate in succession product of sale flat TV, number, the gem that has nothing to do with the Olympic Games even also gives favourable banner to wait in these quarter dozens.

During the Olympic Games, each big supermarket, bazaar aims at Shanghai in succession " Olympic Games gold " have sales promotion. City of century couplet Hua Chao is rolled out during the Olympic Games " buy a few give a few " sales promotion activity, appoint commodity like what the client buys several, a day of gold that Chinese team wins counts ibid to just agree, so the supermarket is met to client represent the same goods of same amount. And in Parisian spring inn of sea of the Huaihe River, consumption of odd that day pen can enlist the client 500 yuan completely army group of morrow China Olympic Games seizes gold to count guess activity, red of power of Yi of plum dragon town also was rolled out " gold guess activity " wait for sales promotion. Additional, the reporter is in Nanjing east one inn sees the provision of the road, many shop line out " cheer China " sales promotion advertisement, the client is in designate area consumption is full 58 yuan, can obtain a bottle of zero Coke Cola.

Besides the basis gold counts sales promotion, a few businessmen will be sold more with watch Olympic Games match to be united in wedlock ably. Be like big square began from August 8 " the Olympic Games looks every day " activity, the game is broadcasted in the big screen of bazaar, from every morning 10 when open the door to arrive all the time in the evening 10 when the left and right sides, satisfied the requirement of a lot of guests. Many clients express, major competition when like to be watched to communal circumstance, the person has atmosphere more more more. In addition, supermarket and sell go to the lavatory to give more client to offer, monarch gives special section, place a sofa, round-the-clock broadcast Olympic Games program to be watched for the guest, added person energy of life for bazaar.
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