The hill austral Shenzhen is broken for delay of case open a court session likel
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Shenzhen news networkDispatch (reporter Wu Xin) be in on now first south hill court open a court session tries " south hill is broken 1.9 million yuan for case " , at present open a court session has adjourned, specific date has not decide. The reporter understands yesterday, the accused owner still is reached with the bank likely reconcile.

This year May, subbranch of a bank of the hill austral branch of labour travel Shenzhen to local court to lodge a complaint, requirement owner remands more than yuan of 190 building that owes a bank at present borrows money. Before the bank is sued, the village building that this owner under one's name manages a garden of island of the musical instrument that it is billow dish had broken for 4 months.

Entrust lawyer introduction according to the bank, this owner is typical fry lodger, bought 4 ring house in all last year, because house property of under one's name passes to cannot apply for loan more, among them two ring room is bought with the name of its little sister, he himself offers loan to assure, be repaid by him the room of every month is borrowed. Be located in south this ring room of hill is in bought when perch last year, head pay two into. Before this, this investor had bought much place housing, to this year the beginning of the year, house price falls already broken its head pay, then owner begins to offer. Borrow money in successive dun not after fruit, one paper indictment gives the bank court, involve sibling 2 people (our newspaper ever reported on August 5) .

Yesterday, the lawyer that this the front committee asks reporter and owner -- Guangdong promotes attorney office Liu Ziru's lawyer to get in touch n cultivated land. Liu Ziru tells a reporter, owner had removed with him on August 8 clientage, because owner is in now,have negotiation all right with silver, hope can settled out of court, and gained certain headway. At present this case has adjourned, but owner of specific and sessional date also just has not get an announcement, very possible also meeting is reached during reconcile, open front courtyard cognizance no longer.