Room of individual of second half of the year borrows the market to continue to
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Second half of the year of policy of macroscopical adjusting control continues to anticipate from what tighten, plus the room valence is adjusted continuously and estate market is handed in cast cold and cheerless, the possibility that the market of individual housing loan of second half of the year continues to contract is quite large.

First half of the year, the dweller consumes price index tall look forward to, monetary policy is tightened up again and again. With added 6 times last year breath, go up 10 times the photograph of adjusting control policy that moves deposit reserve is compared, the monetary policy first half of the year appears relatively gentle it seems that this year. So far, although add,cease this boots was like tardy anticipate be born, but deposit reserve is led had gone up tone comes several times 17.5% the history is highest. More important is, add breath anticipate exist all the time, and the Central Bank is hit in second half of the year likely add breath " card " .

Beijing borrow service orgnaization " Wei Jia Anjie " think, adjusting control policy increased strength from bank loan fountainhead, restrained a commercial bank to put on one hand shift capacity, contractive bank system is superfluous fluidity, had prevented fast investment demand generation; On the other hand, since last year add breath accumulate effect, 2 flatlet to borrow the accentuation such as policy the wait-and-see mood of the person that buy a house. The adjustment that the room borrows the market to also enter insecurity subsequently period. "Wei Jia Anjie " data statistic shows, 8 years first half of the year estate borrow money market to trade quantity and the downtrend with older than appearing last year photograph of the corresponding period, fall 32% , loan client demand also drops somewhat, fall 10% the left and right sides.

But the bank borrows money to individual housing this " fat " contention not cease all activities. For in estate the group of client of special period race to control that lends money market, each bank in succession advocate hit or roll out all sorts of be economical rooms to borrow a product. Although the room shifts a risk,increasing, but still be bank stability, high grade profit origin, the room of predicting second half of the year borrows the market to still can present relatively intense competition state.

"Wei Jia Anjie " think, no matter be from international environment have sth in mind, still analyse from domestic economic situation, estate of second half of the year borrow money market to still can continue first half of the year go situation, continue from close. It is policy of macroscopical adjusting control shakes second half of the year evidence is not clear, increase breath or comfortable from time to time, the rise of cost inherent to the asset will force a few people that buy a house to postpone the plan that buy a house. 2 because the Olympic Games makes the point when what city of an observation building moves toward is important,be, a few people that buy a house think after the Olympic Games, beijing house price is met somewhat callback and the choice is wait-and-see. During this will farther diluent Olympic Games estate borrow money market trade. But, more intense to a few apiration that buy a house borrower, the loan of the saving before the Olympic Games buys room mood to be released after the Olympic Games likely, promote individual room to borrow the get warm again after a cold spell of the market thereby.
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