Bought house enters central heating whether is slack development business carrie
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The reader is like lady incoming telegram to mirror: The house that my home buys is entered, discover the central heating conduit that buries beforehand is slack now, the wall from the sitting room seams the water of leakage to drip downward, return ooze to reach downstair neighbour home, frighten so that our heating season also dare not use, to development business is mirrorred, they say to sectional certificate of proof has been concerned before building consign, have building quality certificate of approval, so, estate company does not have responsibility, excuse me lawyer, is what they say right?

Henan day base attorney office Deng Shuguang's lawyer: Although service can undertake take cover engineering is checked and accept related the country,reach check and accept integratedly, in order to assure the safety of product quality, but the building quality that this does not demonstrate estate company delivery is certain and eligible, do not allow to buy a person demur. Contrary, in lawsuit or arbitration, ought to allow to buy a person to offer quality appraisal.

As to the limits of building quality problem, " building law " the 62nd regulation: Those who build a project guarantee limits ought to include project of foundation foundation project, main body construction, roofing the installation project of waterproof project and other construction work and electric equipment cop, fluctuation water cop, heat addition, wait for a project for cold system project.

Accordingly, be like the quality problem that the lady's building appears, estate company ought to be in charge of maintain and recouping a loss. (Shen Wei of reporter Lin Hui's trainee) statement: Above is lawyer individual opinion, do not represent our newspaper point of view