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Bought secondhand room, the contract that old owner and property company sign, effective to new owner? Yesterday, the answer that court of people of district of water of Zhengzhou city gold gives out is: Effective.

Zhengzhou citizen square plum (alias) for this depressed unceasingly, judgment asks not only she what default 1000 multivariate property cost was handed in, at the same time even she pays overdue fine 5000 multivariate.

2004, fang Mei is in Lu Ying of Zheng another name for Kaifeng assist the center in garden garden bought secondhand room, 150 much square metre. In those days July, she took this to cover the property right evidence of the house.

Property company searchs very quickly come to come, say, serve a contract according to what old owner signs, every months of every square metre is 0.58 yuan, like asking she follows other owner, every square metre falls every month 5 wool money. Fang Mei does not agree, think property cost is exorbitant.

Do not talk things over, both sides fails to sign new property to serve a contract.

By last year, henan flower assist property management limited company told Fang Mei the court, requirement its according to every months of every square metre 5 wool, pay to came in April 2006 in December 2007, the property service during 21 months expends 1652.49 yuan, the property that signs according to old owner serves a contract, the sun from exceed the time limit rises, by everyday 1% pay penalty due to breach of contract, plan 5543.13 yuan.

Property company thinks, the contract that they and old owner sign is very clear: When making over a building, inform property of the company beforehand, inform get the service contract that lets just be signed with its; Property serves charge to hand in time to be: ~25 day; The residence presses floor area every months every square metre 0.58 yuan.

Property company still says, fang Mei already was handed in to its the property before the portion served cost in April 2006.

Fang Mei is not approbated, think to property was not signed to serve a contract between both sides, property company cannot restrain her with the contract between its and old owner, she also did not pay service fee to property company.

After front courtyard careful, court of people of golden water district sponsors a judge to be opposite of this case limitting is: How is owner changed no matter, the building is changeless, property service also is changeless, fang Mei enjoys property to serve, should pay fee. Adjudicate Fang Mei pays to come from April 26, 2006 on December 31, 2007, the property of 21 months expends 1652.49 yuan, pay exceed the time limit to pay fine for delaying payment 5523.45 yuan.

After judgment make known to lower levels, fang Mei refuses to obey, state Xiang Zheng court of state city intermediate people mentions appeal.