Zhengzhou construction project is aseismatic do not amount to mark highest punis
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Henceforth, the construction project of the our city, must achieve aseismatic fortify requirement, decide according to evaluating a result aseismatic fortify asks. Construction unit does not undertake seismic security is evaluated or do not press those who set aseismatic fortify, can be in with 30 thousand yuan of above 100 thousand yuan fine below. Yesterday, bureau of city legal system was announced external " aseismatic fortify requirement manages project of Zhengzhou city construction method " , begin to seek an opinion. Sun Juan of evening paper reporter trainee king this worldAseismatic fortify brings into construction basic course
As we have learned, it is at present in construction of our city city, unit of very rare construction applies for check and ratify actively to aseismatic fortify asks and do security to evaluate to seismic branch. Relevant controller explanation says: "The key is to cannot intervene construction project capital construction examines and approve a program, aseismatic fortify job has regulations basis only, do not have the method that execute the law however. " those who be worth to be carried is, be in " administrative measure " in, already with code aseismatic fortify the method of article brought into construction project to manage a program basically to have a standard. Construction project must undertake seismic security is evaluated
" run way " regulation, construction project must undertake seismic security is evaluated. Method sets, have great value to this city the construction project of major perhaps effect; The likelihood after sufferring an earthquake to destroy causes flood, fire, explosion, virulent strong perhaps caustic material to divulge, radioactivity pollution serious and secondary the construction project of calamity; Be located in the construction project near seismic activity fault; Cover an area of limits bigger perhaps span the large construction project of area of condition of different project geology and build a developing zone to wait. Construction unit ought to evaluate the seismic security that builds a project business to entrust the seismic security that has corresponding aptitude to evaluate an unit to undertake, report seismic security evaluation newspaper classics is authorized lawfully next, affirmatory construction project is aseismatic fortify requirement. At the appointed time, city earthquake branch will carry out construction project to aseismatic fortify is examined and approve and make security evaluate to major project lawfully. Construction project does not grant to examine and approve without aseismatic fortify content
" administrative measure " requirement construction unit must undertake according to aseismatic design construction, inspect manages. If build a project to design plan to ask without aseismatic fortify content is aseismatic perhaps,fortify requirement does not accord with a regulation, project director branch, program branch, construction branch is not gotten issue any approval to build a project or examine and approve formalities. The earthquake is in charge of branch and clerk of other director branch, if do not press a regulation,ground of authorized construction project shakes parameter, or examine and approve formalities to do not accord with the construction project of aseismatic requirement to deal with, give disciplinary sanction lawfully; Those who make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully.
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