The village in Zhengzhou city changes a city to will roll out 100 thousand mus o
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Last to land thirsty and serious and be sure for more and more serious development business, 100 thousand mus of land are greatly meat pie. This meat pie does not fall down from the sky, however in urban building the area spreads out slowly bake greatly ripe, its trade name calls the village in the city.

To the deadbeat before table people, face the meat pie of this village in be called a city, take do not take? Do not eat? How to eat? These 3 problems are sure to make prospective half an year, a year even two to 3 years hover is in of their mind culminating and torturous.

Is final cheese still sweet potato of very hot hand?

Although this meat pie is tremendous clinking, golden light is bright, although already the small number of people took the lead in sampling Gan Fang's flavor, more people face oven from beginning to end however, hesitate to press forward, but in Zhengzhou, the village in a city transformed the brought movement that build a wall to had been pulled open baronial prelusive.

The village in the city is transformed offerred the development land with many predominant position on one hand, it is tremendous temptation; On the other hand, the village in the city that the whole nation exists generally tears open change, find a place for high cost, a huge risk also is business to development.

From 2003 " 8 · 31 " since land is restricted greatly, constrictive adjusting control policy comes on stage ceaselessly, land is supplied continuously nervous, price rises at full speed. Development business support encircles the method such as the ground in great quantities development is very god-given to support, and the central development that encourages natural resources of the land that put an amount all the time with local government, namely the village in the city tears open change to transform. Below increasingly grim estate market situation, the village in the city transformed the new cheese that develops business. But meanwhile, tear open the change, high cost that find a place for and volume ratio limitation to also let develop business to realise, the village in the city is transformed is not a level road.

Fulfil the big tentative plan of forerunner and government

On October 19, 2003, on the west Shi Zhaocun village appoint meeting and development business are believed and (Zhengzhou) limited company signed buy line of business " joint development agreement " , the initial attempt that this is transformed by the village in cities of a lot of Zhengzhou of person regard as. Subsequently, golden water district closes tiger collect, Yan Zhuang to tear open change to end on the west, the village in other area city transforms ground of project like a raging fire to undertake, the city of a dynamic transforms motion to begin.

In a few years of cities in the past the village is transformed in, the village in Zhengzhou city town is transformed tried a variety of transforming mode, song Zhai is transformed in the village in the city in introduce foreign capital, xi Guanhu collect, Yan Zhuang invests directly by development business undertake transforming, road stockaded village uses the villager to become a shareholder share-holding system is transformed, chen Cun of old crow of benefit benefit area tries water to execute " change is torn open after finding a place for first " , and the form of invite public bidding that enrols business the member that depression Liu Cun uses the villager to become a commissioner, publicly. The exploration of a variety of mode also makes the village in city town transforms Zhengzhou to mature gradually, these attempts published relevant file to lay a foundation for the government.
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