Zhengzhou is performed dozen fold city of mad current building to adjusting ever
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2008, zhengzhou building city was become " slow ox " . Although this year 51 gold holiday, zhengzhou building city was performed " dozen fold mad tide " , building of big batch skill dish push to the market, development business stands in succession case " dozen fold " old standard, the desire to buy that aroused consumer on certain level looks.

But dozen fold agitation, also threw into confusion on certain level the state of mind of buy course of study of partial consumer. A lot of consumer begin confused, the wait-and-see atmosphere of building city added a few minutes again. Expert of industry having place points out, at present Zhengzhou floor price is tending reason, building city is in reductive truth.

Consumer is wait-and-see atmosphere is grumous

The personage inside course of study points out, development business is hit folding is strategy of sale of a kind of market, also be action of foundation of sound of a kind of market at the same time, these conduct are made below the premise that considers cost, building city also follows market rule, it is very normal that the price fluctuates up and down around value, price deviate value too far abnormal. The violent wind of floor price rose 2007 is a kind of abnormal expression.

At present floor price also won't answer under its some value, the demand because of tigidity still very driving, the key is opposite at consumer of building city anticipate judge and accept rate, once the price tends,stabilize, building city once more active also be the market is inevitable. But when does the small town that confuse a building anabiosis, still be an unknown.

Somebody asks a development merchant boss, building city is bad, why to go to business shop lease? This development business says: "Sell rice cannot have rice. " but, get the market each influence of square element, partial owner stems from an interest the biggest the consideration that turn, appeared the circumstance that v/arc sale at reduced prices gives priority to with renting, but another part owner or hire carry out to develop simultaneously, or be eager to selling.

"Buy go up to be not bought drop " state of mind, make wait-and-see mood of Zhengzhou building city aggravating.

"Look to say again first, have appropriate buy. " the investigation data on the net also shows, the informant of 71.37% does not want to buy a house in the summer, although many people also attended a few rooms to exhibit,meet, drive a few open quotation to early the spot, but just look, building city stability comes down to just can be bought.

Macroscopical adjusting control

It is stable not be blow

"We do not hope house price rises to drop greatly greatly, we need a stable housing price. Before one period, commodity housing has risen in price fast, brought a series of risks and hidden trouble. The country puts forward to have macroscopical adjusting control to estate market, its aim is not simple control house price to hit, want to had invested the insalubrious element such as rapid growth through eliminating housing price and estate however, realize commodity housing supply and demand to be balanced basically hard, price of cogent and stable housing, the health of stimulative real estate develops. " refer country is right the macroscopical adjusting control of estate market, the personage inside course of study says so.
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