Building site of square of Central Plains common people produces an accident the
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first floor construction, abrupt disaster from " day " fall. Yesterday morning, be located in south fleabane hill the building site of square of Central Plains common people of the road produces an accident, the worker of 3 construction by what drop suddenly from 3 buildings " concrete rain " be bungled.

As we have learned, accident time is yesterday morning 5 when 20 minutes. The reporter sees in the spot, the worker is clearing the concrete that falls on first floor ground, the person that hurt already was sent toward the hospital. A worker that witness says, "At that time I from around course, hear suddenly ' ' a noise, suitable prestige goes, see concrete falls from 3 buildings like rainwater, strike at the worker below " .

Be in Zhengzhou city room of emergency call of hospital of the 2nd people, cure protects personnel to tell a reporter, be delivered get hurt the worker shares 3, among them the head of a laborer is broken by concrete, additionally two people are parenchyma gets hurt, do not have life danger at present. □ reporter Wang Yong