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Yesterday, transform a project to do know from Lu Xingzhuang, as Lu Xingzhuang the village in the city transforms land to the success hangs out his shingle and be auctioned, the village in the first city transforms tubal the city zone the project is about to start. The village in reed Xing Zhuang Cheng transforms land 230279.8 square metre (add up to 345.42 mus about) , be located in prospective path on the west, street of Zhuang Xi of the Kingdom of Wei east, south brighting Zhuang Beilu, Petroleum Company, plot includes developing zone and find a place for area, rebuild the lieutenant general deserves to build commerce to serve establishment and elementary school, henan dealer buy course of study limited company takes next transforming 647.3 million yuan to counterpoise with initial price. It is reported, the village in taking reed Xing Zhuang Cheng transforms the same day of authority, the lot that dealer buy course of study still took an area that is located in new Zheng Long Hu to be 501.6 mus, total prices is two hundred and twenty-five million seven hundred and twenty thousand yuan, add Lu Xingzhuang the 640 million yuan money that take the land, the total that dealer buy course of study took the land that day achieved more than yuan 860 million. Lu Xingzhuang transforms project controller to tell a reporter, lu Xingzhuang comes to cent to develop for 6 plot, form a complete set includes the hospital, public establishment such as the school, become independent relatively between plot and plot and can yet be regarded as a whole, at the same time will with the building such as the aureate harbour that business develops, La Zuan dish form 1000 mus of big community.