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When the building with your favorite make choice of dish, come to the selling office, when the member that face the sale that seems fire enthusiasticly, want the brains of keep one's hair on without fail. The member that these are sold grooms through major, have certain estate major knowledge, and the path that deep know well fosters strengths and circumvent weaknesses, him building dish blemish and inadequacy often brushstroke has been taken, accordingly you are communicating current affairs to need with the member that sell scrupulous, in the meantime, accord of the member that with next listed problems you are sure to ask to sell makes clear answer.

One, sell kind

The member that you ought to ask to sell replies clearly is sell according to floor area or cover inside floor area sells (main difference depends on both: Floor area is included equally shared area, and set inside floor area does not include) . In the meantime, according to requirement of Beijing room ground, always gain a sale after November 1, 2003 (open to booking) the project of licence must be pressed set inside area sale.

2, particular value

You often see a building on building book dish " all valence " this word, just as its name implies all the average price that valence is this project of course, but the house that your meeting discovery often thinks to buy and hit " all valence " can have very big difference, generally speaking, multilayer building dish adjacent all of valence door model be located in 4 or 5; High-level tower comes 8 in 6, door model the position is more east, on the west to; One 2 multilayer building dish unit area maximum price and all valence differs 5% to 8% , tower is to be in 15% to 20% between.

3, enter time

Whether can enter on time, whether can be construction project complete obtained to check and accept when be being entered put on record watch, obtain operation instruction handbook of guarantee of quality of transaction of technology of actual measurement of commodity house area, residence, residence.

4, enter a condition

Whether can be supervisory system of the water when be being entered, report, phone, closed circuit used normally, whether can make sure gas, cable television, broadband network is entered door use normally, and the illicit such as the cleanness inside the village, Bao Jie, afforest, blowdown, illume, box that believe a newspaper is used or public facilities is normal whether can use normally.

5, car

Digit of village total car, car going up for the ground still is underground, whether can assure every a car. Car rate, whether can make work.

Remind: The answer of the member that sell, acceptance cannot regard the law when will producing issue henceforth as the basis, everything reachs compensatory agreement to be with buying room contract accurate, pertinent question you can consult the contract that buys room whole strategy is signed piece.
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