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It is to stem from what motive after all at the outset, is Sun Mou ordered readily issued whole office building? Although after the event is bilateral right this closely guard a secret, but, his identity -- " officeholder " , in forensic judgment about dispute origin with the word -- " the economic actual strength that did not buy the house property inside the agreement " , it seems that confirm on anxiety local mood guesses for certain: "Want to fry namely. "Want to fry namely..

The issue is final solve in the court, sun Mou paid nearly 160 thousand yuan penalty due to breach of contract.

500 thousand yuan are ordered issued whole office building

This office building is located in on new developed area of anxiety city north, have really appreciate certainly latent capacity. So, in the year before last year November, the house property business to this office building ordered Sun Mou to renovate a building, the area amounts to 1200 square metre. Both sides was signed " book building agreement " , consultative agreement books the price to be every square metre 4000 yuan, total prices is 4.8 million the left and right sides. That day, sun Mou brushstroke gave 500 thousand yuan of subscription.

Bilateral agreement, the others money buys a house in type of emend of the autograph when the building begins to open to booking contract hind is paid. Penalty due to breach of contract is 10% .

Last year March, this office building was obtained open to booking card and begin to open to booking, but Sun Mou did not pay more than however tardy.

Engaging in a lawsuit is for 10% penalty due to breach of contract

House property business sued Sun Mou, lawsuit requests even if obtain this penalty due to breach of contract of 10% , 480 thousand yuan.

The court thinks, " book building agreement " signed opportunity is " before commodity house business holds water before contracted phase " , its contract property is to make an appointment contract, true and effective. And the behavior of Sun Mou after this brings about master contract to cannot be signed, "Already formed make an appointment the break a contact of the contract " .

Consider Sun Mou's break a promise and damage without what cause keep long in stock of house property of house property business, accordingly, the court consults interest of loan of bank of the corresponding period, adjudicate 157 thousand yuan to Sun Mou undertakes responsibility of breach of contract, the contract removes, 500 thousand subscription returns Sun Mou.

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With the risk that the room fries in light of data

Sun Mou at the outset " with great quantity " make this law case travels in local mouth rate is higher, actually, brains heats up the person that also wants to fry to be absent a few. Everybody's wishful thinking is to need early days to pay only head period, pay on a few months at most mortgage, when go out house resell can a good deal of reclaim. Actual condition after all how? We ask the chairman lawyer Dai Heping of office of attorney of couplet of short for Zhejiang Province to calculate for the reader.
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