Yield of office building of type of city border hotel is able to ensure
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In the time that the product innovates, who can the demand of basis market is timely make adjust, make fractionize to the product, who can hold the forward position of the market, have speech right thereby. Gold imprints the delegate that modern city is fractionize of this one market namely, measure a body technically to make for the small-sized agency that be stationed in Zheng " office building of type of city border hotel " , kept away from of the market gather together competition, be about to enter town.

[the product innovates] the ideal property of small-sized company
As the fractionize of the market, in recent years, on Zhengzhou market " new " the product became much rise, what get attention quite among them is gold imprints modern city puts forward " office building of type of city border hotel " concept.
As we have learned, "Office building of type of city border hotel " the innovation product that the market demand that is combinative Zhengzhou rolls out, namely the configuration of the service of hotel type and office building, make office building holds the need that has economy hotel and small-sized office concurrently, satisfy the requirement that different ground client handles official bussiness in Zhengzhou and lodges.
Henan appearance China Hu Meiting of vise general manager of estate development company says, two kinds of functions of a space are OK each other noninterference and the biggest characteristic that freedom is changed is this product, can make the client saves cost in order to reach the rise in value of accrual, special apply to the small-sized agency that be stationed in Zheng.
The needs ecbolic new product birth of the market, gold imprints install did modern city draw lessons from country of the letter in Beijing the first city, medium the successful project such as garden of hot spring of Xin Daisi hotel, tulip and Tianjin swan lake, the old cast that engages these projects holds dish of character with ensuring a product.
Henan appearance China Wang Ying of general manager of estate development company says, promote and manage innovation this kind of mode is a kind of product reflect, it is bold exploration and attempt.
As we have learned, gold imprints modern city has 70 years of property right, lowest can be bought 50 thousand yuan, assure to pay investor by the bank annual investment the rent profit of 10 % , invite major to assure the company assures into travel standard.
The personage inside course of study thinks, doorsill of investment of product of this kind of investment is very low, investment term is short, property right clarity, accrual is clear, it is one kind when in recent years already ceaseless maturity rises on Beijing field is faced those who develop business, management company and investor is much win a product. Regard Henan market as the new-style product that go up, regular meeting gains the favour of the market.
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