The Olympic Games promotes investment of area commerce value landed Shang Youshe
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Draw near of 2008 Olympic Gameses increasingly, bring the turning point of rapid development to Beijing commerce real estate. Data of a statistic makes clear, our country's direct or indirect Olympic Games investment is 280 billion yuan of RMBs about, go up clear to joining, inferior abstruse board piece on abstruse board piece, its itself was had ZhongGuanCun is faced on the west the area is reached on the west on area of garden of landed course of study, the area that area of garden of industry of new and high building materials faces east feature.
In effect of Olympic Games economy pull move below, go up the commercial atmosphere inside abstruse area became progressively already and dynamic, include to develop business, businessman and investor to be opposite in succession on the investment value of abstruse area is having huge attention. For this, "Distinguished personages of commercial real estate is collected " specially invite asks the industry such as business of Beijing famous development, businessman, scholar wife person undertakes be discussinged deep.

Develop photograph comparing with pure residence, the profit redound with commercial potential real estate makes make the field that development business enters in succession nowadays. And the drawing near as the Olympic Games, in promotion Beijing is famous degree while, also provided vast development space to real estate of prospective capital business.

The Olympic Games is ecbolic the business chance clearly that the huge spending market that come out brings to Beijing. To development business and investor, how to become get one's own back of profit of translate into of Olympic Games business chance its to pay close attention to a place. Astute investor not only consider how many years can disinvestment cost, the commercial real estate that what its care more is investment trades to appreciate how oldly from time to tome in future space.

Normally investor is in and can consider from two angle when businessman collaboration, it is stable hire redound on one hand. The meeting when be being made an appointment with with businessman autograph for example asks to sign a long-term contract, assure to reclaim inside particular fixed number of year cost. On the other hand, the operation that investor meets businessman of hope have the aid of and the value that promotes property, so that its are undertaking secondhand more expensive profit space is obtained when trading. And in polycentric of Beijing business development old structure falls, how to choose likely area to invest to become investor people first issue.

The traffic that abstruse area perfects increasingly with its on and commercial atmosphere drew the look of investor afresh. Be based on on the current situation with abstruse current area, honored guests did not come this one topic expressed foreground of development of this area business and investment value in succession respective viewpoint. Pass this communication, honored guest attending the meeting thinks consistently, on the investment value of abstruse area is warming up in the round. Pick below take partial honored guest the speech is pithy (arrange) by speech order, in order to provide dinner for reader.
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