Investment objective changes office building of emerge in large numbers of city
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Chinese estate market is in the 3rd quarter still kept active 2007, firm development posture. A gleam of is main urban continuance rises smoothly posture, but investor and development business more value the opportunity that presenting in arisen 23 lines city. The reporter discovered when Nanjing survey is interviewed recently, nanjing in recent years estate market a flourishing, house price begins to go tall continuously, also be valued by a lot of house property investor. But accompanying this year of policy of a series of market of adjusting control estate come on stage, the investor of acumen already changed his investment way sadly.
Invest the new value flat in customer key point

Residential fund is bought in Beijing, can buy office building in Nanjing almost. Recently Mr Ma that " arrives at " Nanjing, the what room that sees here " cheap " , he just finishs the " perch that is in Beijing to cover show " , him what hold a good deal of cash, come to Nanjing, certainly the future here, this is the city of 6 government ancient capital together, will become next " to pitch a camp the place of " .

Wait for tall look forward to of price of house of town of a gleam of when Beijing, Shanghai, bead trigonometry " dish when the condition of whole " has been shown, it is city of a batch of second line with Nanjing, getting " horse gentlemen the favour of " , see be used to of " of old scene of house price " them, it seems that in the theory from " of " value flat, saw the future of Nanjing and city of building of second line town.

Those who be in Beijing is old in, the asset of the hold in Mr Ma hand is the residence completely, because of the office building of Beijing day price and commerce, although incomparable value is had in the city zone, but make him however hard look forward to and, nevertheless, be in Nanjing, all situations become different, the cash in his hand, do a job with skill and ease.

"It is building synthesis above all, among them office building, commerce, high-grade even apartment is OK, this is to be able to be used at management capital fund, this can wait to rise in price only than those apparently appreciating average house, more valuable. "After Mr Ma makes an on-the-spot investigation one time, make judgment begin the operation. What he moves for the first time is the building of high-end business affairs among synthesis of a building, this is called " to grow the item that sends central " , be located opposite the relics of " of " president government office of Nanjing the city zone, mr Ma says frankly, move above all at that time his, it is so situation, this is his consistent principle- - a sector of an area does not have can duplicating is pair of praedial value the biggest safeguard.

Mr Ma tells a reporter, property chooses in Nanjing, character becomes very important, because be below the status that the speed that rise in price has not achieve blame reason, building dish oneself quality is very great to the meaning of its value, and the " that he chooses to grow hair international center to be in Nanjing as oneself at that time the first odd " , the design that a main reason is its international level mixes meantime product quality, need to the brand develops business and property service to regard as moreover prop up. Because be in Nanjing,the price of the business affairs building of such high end is equivalent to urban core merely the residential price of Beijing, and hire can have achieved 4-5 yuan / smooth rice / day, investment return rate is impressive.
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