Investment property notices latent capacity of a sector of an area
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[Jiang Ying] say to invest cost, we are in when buying a house, want to see total room value first. See one right-hand seat pay again next. Because, come from present bank policy the house head under 90 square metre pays is the least 20% , of above of 90 square metre door model head paying is 30% . It is clear to must calculate when buying a house so head pay. This head pay to whether can affect us quality of the following life. So, when buying a house, we are in choice door, when choosing building area, besides the total room value that sees it beyond, it is clear to must calculate. If be to buy new dish, buy the friend that pass, everybody knows, when you control a house, you can pay brushstroke fee, the amount of this charge is not small also, one is agree duty, still have communal maintenance fund, return each charge such as the property cost that has, the charge of this part also is not small. The fee that the house that you buy wants to pay greatly more also is more. And, when signing a contract, need to pay stamp tax. This is the link up with of total house price with you, choosing the size of the house so, case of house total prices when, this is very important to us. After buying a house, affected quality of the following life. After buying a house, the individual income tax of hire income, we look from governmental policy, want rental house only, be 5% what want pay rental. Still have a cost that you borrow money, adding all the time now breath, if of the choice is commerce,borrow money. Very much now project of high-grade apartment, residence, developing business do not hope the person that buy a house uses accumulation fund to borrow money. Say so, the plan that chooses loan is very important.    
[Jiang Ying] e.g. , buy a small family e.g. you model, the house of 50 square metre, one square metre is 20 thousand, total prices is 1 million. Pay the 20% words that will calculate with right-hand seat according to 90 square metre, head paying is 200 thousand, need is borrowed 800 thousand. That you the month of a month is offerred, who can tell me present basic interest rate is how much, who knows?

[audience] 7.88% .

[Jiang Ying] this is standard interest rate. From the point of bank policy, if be to buy a house for the first time, and the first time that is your family buys a house, your credence records good word, you are OK and tuitional the float below standard interest rate the favourable interest rate of 15% , namely 6.655% , calculate the sentence that come down so, 800 thousand, a month should be to return 7000 money. If word of 20 years, according to the float below now the standard interest rate of 15% , it is about 7000 right-and-left month is offerred. We borrow money 20 years, the reimbursement means that uses principal and interest waiting for the forehead is 7000 the left and right sides. Can be imagined, the house of 50 square metre, plus fertilizer of property cost, water, each charge, can be your house hired 8000? Do not hire for certain. This is more painful, when can be you just answered this. It is very important on the choice of loan program to say so. The bank has a regulation, loan age and loan fixed number of year cannot exceed 65, lengthen your loan time limit, the month that reduces you offers reimbursement, raise the rent of the house again, let him hire and month offer as far as possible can delimit equal-sign.
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