"Tall house price " what is advantage?
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If the land of the land price of well of king government office and desert beach is same cheap, look in a lot of people, this are much then better.
But, if the land price of well of king government office is mixed really the land price of desert beach is euqally cheap, the result will be very actually bad. Well of king government office is not the battleground that becomes horizontal stroke of flesh and blood to fly, make the land of the foul atomsphere of bribery of secure personal gain namely.

"The wolf is meaty little " , besides the law of jungle, what method still can allocate limited natural resources? The person is not a wolf, the person has a kind of method to allocate resource in the hair in long-term evolution, allocate namely through the price. Natural resources is limited, everybody wants how to do, offer a price is high person, this is the market. Besides make everybody fair beyond contest price, the mankind has not found out a better idea to allocate limited natural resources.

The market is called " invisible hand " , its reason is very simple, because,be it " invisible " .

What we see is estate business only is greedy, the person of bade is more, they are gladder. We are invisible, it is demand carries the price those who go up.

What we see is the price is mixed only " cost " between put in a giant vacuum, this space, it is sudden huge profits. What we lose sight of is, itself of this sudden huge profits is the consequence of contest price, and this sudden huge profits must be passed " value added tax " reassign gives people.

What we see is the unwisdom of consumer only, know perfectly well have sudden huge profits, the person that bid however in an endless stream, for fear that goes late the price rises even, willing do " Fang Nu " . What we lose sight of is, consumer is to be in after energy planning calculated profit gain and loss ability pitching oneself monetary vote.

We look so that see, be as rise in price, the person that can afford is less and less. If the price falls, the person that can afford is more, is this a favour?

Very unfortunate is, "The person that can afford became much " , just is not a favour.

The market can avoid us to be hit head broken and bleedingly, can put an end to support bribery to obtain resource, the person that its primary reason depends on it can making can afford neither more nor less than, be equal to the supply of resource fitly. Be equal to the supply of resource fitly because of the person that can afford, so we won't fight, also do not have necessary bribery. We had heard for economy applicable room queues up to fool only grab and bribery or illicit cent. Had never heard to buy which commodity house to be able to appear this is planted " confused " .

Prohibit when us when oil price rises, not only oily station begins a disorder, system of whole even traffic also queues up because of oily station and break down. Oil price goes up, do not need anybody arrangement, do not need to increase any alarm force, order restores immediately. "The person that can afford became much " , not be a favour.
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