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Standard of environmental protection of aggrandizement floor international rose
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New standard of aggrandizement wood floor was about to rise to be carried out formally on May 1. Reporter yesterday from national level appoint know, new standard is spent in the exterior wear-resisting of the floor, check mark allows to waited for a respect to make new regulation, made clear aggrandizement wood floor first at the same time " E0 standard " .

As we have learned, e0 standard is the top level that at present international health lives in, the requirement is indoor the formaldehyde amount that contains inside every litres of air does not exceed 0.5 milligram. The home that accords with E0 grade level resides a product, had belonged to international standard of top class environmental protection, formaldehyde releases a quantity almost negligible not plan. Current, there is the country such as Finnish, Japan, Germany to implement E0 standard compulsively only on the world. Before a few years, the household industry such as floor of wood of our country aggrandizement, ambry ever also had lifted " E0 standard " tornado.

"Our country does not have E0 grade level previously, level of only E1 grade, the formaldehyde amount that contains inside every litres of air namely does not exceed 1.5 milligram. " national man-made board quality is supervised examine the center expresses about the expert, consumer hopes the formaldehyde that buys a product releases a quantity to had been jumped over lesser, this new GB increased the formaldehyde in aggrandizement wood floor to release the E0 class index of the quantity, develop way to get used to the environmental protection of the industry just about.

In the meantime, new standard detects in what formaldehyde releases a quantity the method is changed somewhat. New standard adopts detect the method is desiccator law, measure every to rise the formaldehyde that contains inside air to measure, the product cent is E0 and E1 two level, and the formaldehyde amount that the extraction in flooring gives the aggrandizement wood that the measurement technique in the old standard 2000 is certain quality. "Consumer needs to buy the aggrandizement wood floor that reachs E1 grade level to be able to ensure use safety completely only. " the expert expresses.

In addition, with 2000 edition old standard photograph is compared, the exterior wear-resisting function that new standard returns pair of aggrandizement wood floors, static Qu Zhangjiang is spent, the index such as dimension stability made new regulation, increased to be able to bear or endure smooth lubricious prison spends index. On function of wear-resisting of surface of aggrandizement wood floor, original standard is divided only be used for the family and public use 2 kinds, among them the family is used should not less than 6000 turn, public with should not less than 9000 turn. New bid criterion becomes the family two form with cent, 2 class ask only 4000 turn, make consumer can select a product according to demand.

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