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Be careful to decorate the trap in the design
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Xinhua net Shenyang on June 7 report (reporter Meng Huan) a few days ago, the society of Liaoning province consumer and furniture association, expert that lives in adornment committee warns customer jointly, want beware of to decorate the trap among the design.

Experts say, a few decorate design firm to seek profit, consumptive trap is set with respect to intention cloth when for consumer the design decorates plan, the technique that its adopt has the following kinds normally:

It is to pass blueprint to lure you " swallow the bait " . Like a 45 square

2 it is to use needless adornment " draw out " your gold. Use consumer " the family is decorated want one pace to reach the designated position " psychology, design the element that a large number of no use add in plan indoors, decorate quote with drive up.

3 it is so called " avoid receive a design to expend " . Promise is avoided collect design fee, but requirement consumer first consign counts frontal outfit to repair subscription certainly. If consumer is dissatisfactory,design, when the plan changes additionally to decorate a company, decorate a company instantly " fall out " , serve as in order to design next designs are buckled to expend for the principal intellectual property in decorating a project.

For this, experts suggest consumer: Watching the ichnography that decorates design personnel, block diagram and " distinct " when the effect pursues, want to hold sober head, not easily on the spot clappers, conclude a contract, pay. Additional, the low place that is not decorated to design company promise cheats, whether do technology practice and quality standard introduce to wait in detail when wanting to notice stylist introduces a case.