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Building materials cost rises in price decorate busy season not flourishing
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Peninsula Metropolis Daily on April 21 dispatch (reporter Wang Yuan) April is the busy season that decorates an industry, but the reporter interviews understanding to arrive today, at present all sorts of building materials all rise in price considerably, bring about building materials business and portfolio of domestic outfit company to decrease considerably, a few Xiaoshang door has closed. "I am estimated last year decorate charge 50 thousand yuan enough, material rose in price now, need 90 thousand yuan unexpectedly. " this morning, mr Sun that lives in day mountain village is mirrorred to the reporter, at present market of domestic outfit building materials rises in price wind is blown badly, the citizen that a lot of preparation decorate abandoned the plan that the near future decorates. The reporter visited few points to decorate building materials market subsequently, in market of lumber of sea city building Mr Zhou of deal tells a reporter, in cheap floor went up from 200 yuan 400 yuan, hardware go up the biggest.

"Does " have brave the journey to the Northeast does award call for paper the job that contest where seeks 8000 above? News explodes reforming and opening is complained 30 years to call for paper on makings net advertisement looks integratedly, market of whole building materials rose about 50% . "The quoted price that decorates a company is high also many. " Fuxiang's reporter discloses the Wu Shi that decorates a team to work accordingly, decorate the building of a 100 square metre before, average quoted price also is controlled in 15 thousand yuan, present quote already achieved 20 thousand yuan. The reporter investigates discovery, although be an outfit busy season, on the market however cold and cheerless, some Xiaoshang door already closed even close a business.