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"Healthy residence " 15 standards
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World Health Organization defines " healthy residence " be like next standards:

1. The density that can cause hypersensitive chemical material is very low;

2. To satisfy the requirement of the a bitth, do not use the plywood of the chemical material that comes loose easily, wall as far as possible

Body decorates material to wait;

3. Install the equipment of take a breath with good performance of take a breath, can reach indoor pollutant platoon outdoor, special

It is right for tall air-tightness, tall adiabatic sex, must use the system of the take a breath central of a canal having wind, undertake

Time take a breath;

4. In the kitchen kitchen is provided or smoking place should install local exhaust equipment;

5. Bedroom, kitchen, toilet, corridor, bathroom want annual to maintain in 17 ℃ , between 27 ℃ ;

6. Indoor humidity annual maintains in 40% to 70% between;

7. Carbon dioxide wants under 1000PPM;

8. Suspension dust concentration wants under 0.15mg / square metre;

9. Noise should be less than 50 decibel;

10. Sunshine of a day ensures in 3 hours of above;

11. Install the lighting equipment of enough brightness;

12. The residence has the sufficient capacity that fights natural disaster;

13. Have floor area of ample average per capita, ensure illicit is close quality;

14. The residence should facilitate nurse the aged person with the disabled;

15. Because harmful volatile organic material is contained in housing materials, should lie between after all residence complete one

Paragraph time ability is entered, want to have take a breath during this.