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98 exceed decorate skill practically
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After a lot of people are decorated hastily, discover existence is worn however a lot of problems, and these problems have catholicity normally. Small make up the experience that collected a lot of netizens to decorate here, a few common sense must know before decorating, lest decorate hind regret.

1. The clapboard of shoe ark does not accomplish a head, it is good to take a bit space the ash that lets shoe can leak the most rock-bottom, cistern and upper part of kitchen burning gas hold the lantern. Must have thought first when the position that decides toilet floor drain, measure good measure. Floor drain had better be located in a brick at the same time, if be in the word of intermediate position of the brick, no matter how the brick tilts, floor drain won't be a nadir.

2. Toilet, air conditioning electrical outlet all did not design switch. Especially toilet report water heater, it is advisable to be inserted with belt of switch of a pair of classes. If want to close,go electric heat, unplug plug has risk.

3. About the processing technique of part of face brick positive part, in the final analysis is the level that treats a worker. If level of turbid worker worker is right, and if the tool that grinds ceramic tile is better, grind the way of 45 degrees of horn with respect to none should hesitant choice. Will look from the effect, what should grind only is good, grind the positive character way of 45 degrees of horn, it is the most beautiful! If the worker's level really not up to much, so you or choice use in relief part, still be inferior to using in relief part because of the way of bad 45 degrees of part that grind the effect

4. The conduit pressurization test after discharging good conduit also is very important. When the test, everybody must attendant, and test time is in at least 30 minutes of above, the condition permits, best a hour. 10 kilograms of pressurization, do not have any reducing that just can check to pass finally.

5. Model steel door when must consider doorcase of door of good model steel bulgy the dimension of wall, know to be able to install staff, make final doorcase and the wall that stick ceramics are smooth, such already beautiful, good do sanitation.

6. The bag door of carpentry covers what be versed in with mud to stick ceramic tile also should cooperate, when bag door is covered, should consider the ground below (any one side of the both sides ground of the door) whether to stick ceramic tile even the thing of make level of mortar of other perhaps cement, because if had been nailed before sticking ceramics,the door is covered, include the area all the time, when using cement in the future, if cement and door are covered,be touched, can bring about the door to cover lumber bibulous and mildewy.

7. Mattess lower part and bedplate must breathe freely. Bedplate uses fir board commonly best.

8. Make paint as far as possible multi-purpose paper adhesive plaster.
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