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Decorate fall see design of avoid crack much kitchen need a note surely
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Avoid data does not bear water

The kitchen is the place of a damp easy seeper, so the material of the ground, work station face should water of not slack, ooze, data of metope, ceiling should bear water, usable water is swabbed.

Avoid material is combustible

Fire is the necessary energy resources in the kitchen, the exterior adornment that uses in the kitchen so must notice fire prevention asks, the flame retardation of material should notice more all round cooking range especially.

Avoid tableware is exposed outer

The article such as canister of container of basin of gourd ladle of bowl of the boiler in the kitchen, bottle already much miscellaneous, if expose outer, touch easily smeary difficult clean.

Avoid crack is much

The kitchen is a place that shelters evil people and practices easily, answer to make its do not have crack as far as possible. For example, the crack between condole ark and ceiling should endeavor to avoid, because the ceiling condenses vapor or oily be soiled easily, ark top accumulates dirt easily again, the crack between them can make the difficult point of daily Bao Jie in the future. Aperture of cistern below conduit protects clean not easily also, applied door zips, still can use inside rise put garbage can or other and sundry.

Avoid uses mosaic to lay the ground

Mosaic is able to bear or endure water is prevented slippery, but mosaic piece the area is lesser, aperture is much, hide bilge easily, and not easy cleanness, use long easy still generation is local piece the face falls off, repair hard, because had better not be used in this kitchen.