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The toilet that challenges a space to let a person find everything new and fresh
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Although miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8 is increasing really, but a little shower room however can rise to the occasion, because of the every space mechanism of the bathroom, had been calculated by me.

The choice of bathroom furniture, can affect pair of bathroom whole spaces greatly use efficiency. The design is reasonable, put proper furniture, can receive the maximum articles for use that defend bath not only, also can utmost ground saves a space, and wait for the cop that appears messy conceal, already practical, can get favorable visual result again.

   The 1st pattern is logical the furniture that uses edge horn space

A lot of bathrooms can have some side wall to do not have because of installation clean is provided or put other goods and be held, might as well at this moment the width that depends on a wall chooses a vertical to receive ark, depend on a wall and stand, can place many things that defend bath.

   The 2nd type chooses as far as possible but the furniture with one multi-purpose content

To cater to people the hope makes full use of as far as possible dimensional need, furniture of a lot of bathrooms has a function not just now, what in pursueing for example, show sit chair, the surface has the cover that can open, lid one side is a mirror, can use at making up, and chair sits inside still can put a few fragmentary goods. A few taller cabinet that takes a drawer also is such.

Hang space of metope basin lower part use

  The 3rd type hangs space of metope basin lower part use

If of the installation in the bathroom is basin of face of the type that hang a wall or table face basin, so space of face basin lower part had the room that can use, find a place for below can receiving the bathroom cabinet that puts goods is common practice. The influence space such as this kind of cop that uses means to be able to cover lower part is neat the object of feeling, appear very neat.

Adjacent space uses different specifications furniture

 Space of vicinity of the 4th type uses different specifications furniture

Some look at ordinary times it seems that " did not use value " the space can be dug actually use latent capacity. If plan institute is shown, lower part of the basin that wash a face found a place for receive the bathroom ark with right capacity, the wall space between left metope and window has the value that can use, can install a long and narrow tall ark fitly, this one part the space also is used on. The tall ark with distinct size and low ark each other close suitably, the space that any one place can use won't be wasted.
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