Taste beautiful garden
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Be in an area: Unseal county of · a surname tastes graph of beautiful garden exterior

Taste beautiful garden location drawing

Building dish name: Taste beautiful garden

Open quotation date: Unspecified

Enter date: Unspecified

Building dish have price: Unspecified

Lou Panjun price: 900 yuan / square metre (probably this price)

The price explains:

Always cover an area of an area:

Total floor area:

Floor state:

Building type: High-level residence

Volume ratio:

Decorate level: Have not decorate

Can make work a cycle of songs in a traditional opera: 300

Building dish address: A section of a highway of center of new developed area of a surname county

Hot line of carry out building: 8975888

Building dish develop business: Unseal city tastes farming trade limited company

Permit of carry out building: Unspecified

Selling office address: A surname county