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The capital outside the condition is zealous buy our country business to use pro
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Business signs up for dispatch (reporter Qi Lin) last in residential market low fan, while investor escapes in succession, commercial real estate is additional however " beautiful scenery " . Yesterday, be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei is released " 2008 Asian estate invests a report first quarter " , although suffer the effect of the element such as global credit crisis, the market of investment of Asian estate whole first quarter is not good, but because value China progressively to " consumptive sex country " transfer, a lot of abroad capital still are fond of the business that buys China to use property.

"Hot money chases after those who hold commercial real estate in both hands to basically be taken a fancy to outside the condition is China's at present tremendous commercial spending ability. " yesterday, secretary-general king always makes the same score alliance of Chinese commerce real estate to express when accepting a reporter to interview. According to international convention, average per capita year GDP achieved 2000 dollars to enter consumption to grow quickly period. And show according to statistic, the GDP of average per capita 2007 reached our country 2456 dollars, "At present our country is transferring to consumptive sex country stage by stage. " he is compensatory.

Besides the consumptive ability that values China, the progress with relatively steady oneself of commercial real estate also becomes the matter with zealous investor. Rapid growth exceeds in what pass 5 years hind, since 2005, market of commercial real estate begins to enter stable hair exhibition period, year all the ability that the growth range of 17% made commerce landed have very high counteractive vicissitude of the market.

because such, although the government is right the doorsill that foreign capital enters is ceaseless drive up, overseas investor still upsurges enthusiasticly to buying investment property of China. Because can make investor avoids time-consuming churchyard to examine and approve flow, the property that has structure of the capital outside the condition has very large dominant position in the market.

Besides abroad capital, native land land agent also values the progress of commercial real estate in succession. Wang Yongping introduces, because residential market prospect is not Anacreontic, adjusting control measure is relatively severe, begin from last year, large land agent in succession large-scale march commerce is landed, in comparing the past, small development business seeks hegemony commercial real estate, the intervened also provide relative stability for commercial real estate capital of brand land agent supports, this infuse to the capital outside the condition also is an interest good news. Wang Yongping predicts, the landed market this year appears probably fire of residential business ice is double the situation of the day.

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