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Intermediary data: Office building business spread Guangzhou in Feburary clinch
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Report from our correspondent (reporter He Dazhi) Central Plains real estate was released a few days ago business became friendship condition with property in Feburary. Of fetching attention is, that month GuangzhouClick examine Guangzhou and more city weather forecastShop of office building, business clinchs a deal to all drop most probably above.

Show according to the data of sunshine home predestined relationship, guangzhou office building can make work Feburary the area is 472 thousand square metre, annulus comparing dropped 1.48% , can make work a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 2821, with photograph comparing dropped in January 2.12% . In 10 districts of whole town, the supply of the Milky way is discharged as before in the first place, the month can make work on the area is two hundred and seven thousand four hundred square metre, those who held whole town 52.52% the left and right sides.

Clinching a deal on, lunar office building clinchs a deal on the quantity is 5451 square metre only, annulus comparing glided 80.25% . Area of the Milky way maintains overall situation alone likewise, assembly of edifice of business affairs of the square in the 3 silver-colored edifices inside this area, boast, China harbor hands in an area to be 4663 square metre, 85.54% what occupied whole town to clinched a deal in Feburary.

Besides office building, shop of lunar Guangzhou business clinchs a deal to be decreased suddenly likewise on, whole town clinchs a deal the area is 3051 square metre only, with glided than large proportion in January 89.90% . With office building, the Milky way also is the large family that business shop clinchs a deal, and this basically is attributed to 3 silver-colored edifices of 1633 square metre clinch a deal quantity.

In addition, shop of trader of community skirt floor clinched a deal in Feburary more active, wait like rosary of city of garden of river of elegant room Le Bin, phoenix, times. Place produces an analysis to think in, on one hand as a result of residential market as before not Anacreontic, many investor dare not enter town easily, be forced shop of business of fight in some places one by one; Additional, suburb building dish general business site is not quite perfect, as the grow in quantity of living population, commercial demand becomes pressing, business chance also is formed from this.