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Shanghai is secondhand March house price annulus than going up 2.07% commerce pr
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Secondhand in March room market is divided clinch a deal the quantity picks up considerably besides, clinch a deal the price also appears on raise, data clinchs a deal landedly to show formerly in Shanghai, shanghai is secondhand March the room rises in price extent exceeds 2% .

The Central Plains that real estate of Shanghai Central Plains releases recently (Shanghai) banner index report shows, the city zone of 10 centers of Shanghai 40 board piece example Lou Pancheng is handed in all valence is 18128 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing rises 2.07% . According to Central Plains clinch a deal data statistic shows, secondhand March the room clinchs a deal the quantity broke up one time than Feburary almost. Clinching a deal the quantity is played considerably litre while, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the price also go up considerably raise.

The report points out, secondhand in March the room clinchs a deal active, trade the quantity increases considerably, after because pass the policy of several months,be being digested on one hand, a few rigid demand begin to release, make March clinch a deal relatively apparently active in Feburary, especially the area that with living oneself demand gives priority to clinchs a deal quantity amplitude is apparent. Because year end was imposed interest policy last year,reach the influence that money tightens up on the other hand, the client of most and rigid demand was able to release, companion is released in succession as client demand this month drove the to the limit of one's capacity that clinch a deal.

Price respect, from whole town each area clinchs a deal all in light of the metabolic circumstance of valence, the prices that most area appeared to rise in price, and the price rises general bigger, among them of Min Hang go up panel height is amounted to 4.2% , of yellow riverside area, Xu Hui area, area length peace, Pudong area go up all be in 3% above.

The report points out, rise in price main reason is general in March it is the busy season that buy a house, exuberant demand pulls those who used house price to rise, next, because the stock market is small,confuse, bring about partial capital to flow into estate, also drive house property price thereby rise. Look in order to look antecedent condition comes, accompany enter building city tradition sold busy season in April, add upside to divide stock market capital to turn into estate, predict April of Shanghai secondhand room Fair is more exuberant, house price may appear to be climbed further litre.

Except residential property, value of Shanghai commerce property also is in rose apparently in a month in the past. Shanghai was added newly in March sell office building property shares 6, clinch a deal all valence annulus is compared rise 4.5% . Sale of market of shop of business of the corresponding period clinchs a deal all valence is 11862 yuan / square metre.

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