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Office building of shop of business of time-out of much home bank is mortgaged s
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The beard buying the home that the shop buys to close to hire or buy office building before considering to come in busy season of commerce of the end of the year prepares to have more true gold solid silver regards investment as capital. A few days ago, reporter from 100 million amount to mortgage, collect vast mortgage wait for the know of numerous commercial bank inside orgnaization and city, outside developing a bank with Shanghai Pudong besides industrial and commercial bank at present, other major bank already suspended commercial property mortgage business, buy that is to say cross ten million at every turn yuan business shop, buy the home also must lump-sum payment.

Bank the end of the year takes the residence to abandon commercial property

It is reported, the Central Bank end September announces " the room borrows new politics " in particularly right business the room made detailed provision: Include loan head to pay scale is not gotten under 50% , deadline must not exceed 10 years, the same term that loan interest rate must not announce under the Central Bank is the same as class interest rate 1.1 times wait. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, guangzhou is carried out all the time with property to business head pay not under 5 become practices, the room is borrowed new politics after coming on stage, mostly the bank thinks the house property this year is mortgaged put loan portion place surplus not much, aux would rather so leave a risk to be mortgaged relative to small house more share, and suspensive business is mortgaged with property.

Shop of ten million business needs lump-sum payment

As we have learned, the near future has many business that mortgage loan through mortgaging a company to send a bank to do to applied for to be rejected by the bank with property. Collect vast when mortgaging company battalion to carry chief inspector Jiang Huiling is accepting a reporter to interview, express, because price of latter commerce property rises ceaselessly, the shop of a few business of the office building that includes division of the Milky way and old the city zone, trade silver-colored yard is older and older, business spreads the price to go up at every turn ten million yuan, suspend these property mortgage the influence that clinchs a deal to property bigger.

And to secondhand the influence that business uses property is greater, at present two hand office building and business spread mortgage loan to already paused basically entirely.

The skill office building that has an agreement with the bank still can be done mortgage

But reporter discovery, the project of office building of area of the Milky way that makes public put on sale last weekend -- edifice of China harbor business affairs, its office building buys the home to still can continue to apply for to mortgage, loan interest rate is 1.1 times of standard interest rate. Reporter from mortgage a company to understand, a few more current be in with the bank early before the skill office building that signed loan agreement, still can buy the home to do for office building by original agreement mortgage. But if want to take up the business of portion of bank new loan uses property criterion even if skill building, also cannot do mortgage.
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