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Secondhand room seller is afraid of be in an unfavorable situation should psych
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Xizhimen garden of peach of bright government office faces towards one set, door model pretty good big 3 house quote commonly be in 3.8 million yuan to reach 4 million yuan between, somebody just signs up for give 4.65 million yuan; Sunshine clinchs a deal before the room specific item of beautiful scene all valence is in 19 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides, but have sell the home to insist 25 thousand yuan uncompromising; Hua Tengyuan has owner to disregard neighbour people 13 thousand yuan / the quote of square metre, bold call every square metre 15 thousand yuan... the reporter is in a few secondhand door inn sees, disregard market level now, the newspaper goes out
The person selling a house of day price is increasing.

Today's room sells a price tomorrow

"A lot of owner sell a room to be afraid of now sell had a deficit, the room that is today sells the price tomorrow. For instance the house of this village clinchs a deal all valence is in 9000 yuan / square metre, although door model, the house-owner of front not quite up to the mark also wants a newspaper to give 9100 yuan, 9200 yuan; Return as to those houses sell the home well, should sign up for more give 9300 yuan, 9400 yuan unit price. " the clerk of an intermediary tells Huang Si the reporter, "Yesterday, sunshine Lijing has an owner to sell a room to give 21 thousand yuan high price with respect to the newspaper in the morning, go up to 25 thousand yuan again midday, just the time of a few hours. Just the time of a few hours..

To markup, owner also has his reason. One sells the operatic circle that tell a state east in the owner of the house says to the reporter:  of cherry of aperture of Ze of palpitate of ┰ of stable of  of lintel of firewood of Tuo of Zhong Zheng of O of  of overstep one's authority of Hao of  of Wu of exemplarying Gang of rapid of Huang Jiaojiao clumsy of  of ィ of Wu of boat of lap of Lu of post perch of ostrich of ズ of Wu of calumnying boat of heart of amine aperture the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches writes down perch of  of ┑ neon live abroad! ?

To " today's room sells the price tomorrow " this kind of phenomenon, a personage inside course of study says, owner sells a room quoted price now besides seeing oneself house and market level, more joined pair of prospective building city anticipate. Unless be eager to the house-owner of skill, a lot of people can make quoted price a few taller.

Old business looks not to know new prices

"I am in double well here did 3 years secondhand room, previously, owner takes the door, ask now this place what prices ah? How many fund can my house sell? Probably how long? I can say an about right according to experience. Owner heart is enraged now too tall, and sign up for expensively, also do not sell certainly do not go out, I looked not to understand a little. So owner sells a room to ask I can sell how many fund now, probably how long sells go out, I reply ' bad to say ' , really bad also to say. " Miss Guo that says this word cited a case to the reporter. Double well zone 9 dragon garden the one house of a 60 square metre, clinch a deal commonly unit price is controlled thirteen thousand five hundred yuan, before two days, an owner quotes 16 thousand yuan, 3 days sell went out, but the around one house that has a 70 square metre, quote 15 thousand yuan / square metre, sold 3 months, had not clinched a deal.
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