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Business of office building base: From parasitism the trend interacts
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Commerce of office building sortie, do not affect the purity of office building, and can reflect its human nature to change more. The affiliation of businessman of proper commercial program, enough class, the promotion that is office building value necessarily adds more space.

The people attention to real-estate industry, had expanded by first house office building, commerce. Ban the propulsion of business and country to invest behavior to frying a room as the residence hit pressure, traditional business investment has higher risk again, increasingly " extract " in the favour that the office building that develops to high end gains more easily business spreads investor it seems that.

At present, business of a lot of building of office building skirt change high-end attitude, take forward stand from the behind the curtain, from parasitism the trend interacts, effectively confirm this.

Commercial value becomes window

Wu Xiaofeng of limited company vise general manager tells course of study of place of Henan Xin garden the reporter, what locate according to itself of office building project is different, business of office building base is put in very big difference. The commercial share that is not office building of monomer of business affairs area still basically is in autarky, serve the level at this office building client, very strong to the dependence of office building itself, did not walk out of the category of community foundation business. Think the only standard of commerce of monomer office building, the person that is office building enrages whether enough flourishing, of office building enter rate is enough tall. The person enrages the word of flourishing, take the business end flourishing office building very easily; Contrary, if office building person is enraged not flourishing, business of office building base rises with respect to very difficult flourishing. So, because commerce of monomer office building is depended on to office building itself too strong, opposite investment risk is bigger.

The business end office building of business affairs area becomes area mart more likely, quicken much center of urban business structure. Jin Bo is big the big Shang Xinma below is special, general merchandise of the annulus in the correct path below postal edifice, the special grade of big Shang Xinma of center of Zhengzhou nation trade attributes the trade end the office building of business affairs area. Their successful operation, the client that lets invest office building commerce it seems that saw very good development prospect. In interviewing, development business points out, the business end office building of business affairs area is right position of integral function structure, trade and area the respect such as the condition, can emphasize a consideration, the business end office building of area of blame business affairs pays attention to the traffic condition that considers periphery and population circumstance more. Relative to character, commerce gathers change construction regional to enlarging whole famous degree have profit very much, the scope effect that focuses layout to bring also is helpful for a businessman competing each other, raise management level, make consumer farther be benefited from the price and service quality.
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