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The 3rd quarter of Shanghai hire of first class office building rises continuous
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Yesterday, high power international releases market of ground of room of 3 quarters Shanghai investigate report, in demand exuberant reach supply finite influence to fall, empty place of market of office building of first class of the 3rd quarter is led than going up the quarter drops 0.4 percent, achieve the historical low cost of 3% . In the meantime, first class office building clinchs a deal on average hire rises to daily 1.1 dollars / square metre, relatively on the quarter grows 2.8% , than last year the corresponding period grows 10% .

Not only hire rises, data shows, the average price of office building of first class of Shanghai of the 2nd quarter also reached 5208 dollars 2007 / square metre, relatively on season increases 3.9% , relatively the corresponding period grew 11.3% last year. According to introducing, because company of partial foreign capital hopes to enlarge existing office area, in addition, add new the foreign capital company that enters Shanghai raises continuously, because the renting demand of office building of this first class still keeps driving. This quarter basically clinchs a deal case includes: All rich seek advice bear hire Fu Shian of Lai of yellow riverside area company of 2929 square metre of field, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty bear leased large building of new world of Hong Kong of Lu Wan area asset of floor of 528 square metre, Fu Nuo runs limited company bear hired Lu Wan Ou Xinmao.

Although this season does not have project of new first class office building finishing consign, but a few projects that are about to join city being had been being advanced hire a plan beforehand. For example, be located in Nanjing on the west this season starts the square of road, the East China Sea that was bought by Magensidanli last year in July formally to be hired beforehand, this project predicts at the beginning of next year finishing, total floor area achieves 72400 square metre.

In addition, rent curtilage in a person of extraordinary powers supply a side, this quarter has about 768 ring to enter the market that rent curtilage, among them 498 luxurious apartment that come from small or petty proprietor, those who serve type apartment to share 64 unit is new add supply, and villatic supply achieves 205.

Among them, this quarter is luxurious boarding house is new supply than going up season grow in quantity, accordingly market hire drops than last quarters are small 1.4% , reach every months of 18 dollars / square metre; Drive in the demand of constant growth below, villatic market hire than going up season rises 1.4% , reach every months of 21.8 dollars / square metre.

Analyst of high power international expresses, continue to garrison Shanghai as employee of transnational corporation foreign nationality, the 3rd quarter regards together with as busy season, more short-term hire a guest to flow into the market in this season. Drive market of service type house to also get here of driving demand drive, empty buy is led than going up season drops 1.7 percent, achieve 16.1% . Accordingly, average rent than going up season rises 1.9% , reach every months of 33.6 dollars / square metre.
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