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The share price of be puzzled price of Chinese ground king " to betting " with l
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"88 million yuan, the 3rd, clinch a deal. Clinch a deal..

Ring as mallet of the actioneer, the land of Chengdu auctions the price to be adapted, a brand-new ground king is born. Those who be located in shopping mall of road of Chengdu red star is former into 100 plot with 88 million yuan / mu by Hong Kong 9 Long Cang groups (0004.HK) in income bursa, floor price achieves 16500 yuan / smooth rice.

Between two short months, 11 ground king is born, achieved record of history of outback land sell one's own things. Analytic personage thinks, just about because appear on the market,the high price through capital market adds room look forward to to send and be covered now, just gained the sth used to one's own advantage that takes the land at high price, and the investment impulse of each district and price are high person system of gotten land sell one's own things, also make price and house price couplet sleeve push tall.
Ground king contends for battle

On September 20 morning, bureau of land of the Chengdu City auctions the hall to appear unusually crowded, and write down Huang Bu, Xin Hongji all such as storehouse of ground of buy of real estate of landed, remote antiquity, letter and buy course of study, Hua Run, 9 dragon appearances.

Into 100 plot from every mus 20 million yuan rise pat, 30 million yuan, 40 million yuan... every arrive at a new height to draw the applause with enthusiastic audience, go to 88 million yuan when make a person dumbfounded all the time.

In auctioning contest price process, two main competitors call China embellish real estate and 9 dragon storehouse valence all the time violent wind rises, the result appears richer be concerned about. Finally, valence makes achieve 88 million yuan in 9 dragon storehouse / mu when, eventually nobody answer valence, 9 Long Cang laugh arrived finally, beat look forward to of those old brand room people.

"If market builds after here, the likelihood dare not ramble, everybody dare be if build a house,bought. " a those present person tongue-in-cheek ground says.

This is an epitome that ground king is born only merely, the near future, ground king emerges in endlessly. On September 11, rich force is landed with floor price 18729 yuan / the day price of smooth rice, monovalent Wangji records refresh Guangzhou; And be in same day, 10 thousand inflict 7096 yuan / price of smooth rice floor, refresh record of king of ground of Fuzhou unit price, total prices is as high as 2.72 billion yuan.

On August 24, su Ning is round-the-world with 67 thousand yuan / price of 4.4 billion yuan of price of smooth rice floor, day takes next Shanghai ground king, and this also broke record of outback floor price. The number that the land price of each place resembles card of billiard-marker of Olympic Games competition ground going up is same, ceaseless by refresh, and those competing for " contest hand " still be very happy with it.
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