Strengthen love carry to promote career carry 7 years lucky household geomantic
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One, the place that enhances love and peach blossom fortune

Southeastern: 2007 [star of one white corrupt wolf] fly face southeastern, corrupt wolf star is in charge of love peach blossom, want to raise love carry or the friend that strengthen peach blossom, herein can place powdery brilliant 7 stars blast kind of article that increases peach blossom use.

2, the place that increases study use

The west: Want to raise the friend that learns ability or article table ability, 2007 [star of music of 4 green article] fly face the west, name of prosperous of this star main body of a court verdict, family, article learn to hold actor concurrently, can face towards book stand the west, school work achievement has great leap forward surely. If be in this word of square transaction file, can mind is quick. Yi Ke places article prosperous pen.

3, the place that must want to notice

1, northwest square: Salary of 3 green jade puts 2007[] in northwest square, this star is in charge of talking around and traffic accident, unfavorable have not clean thing.

2, of the building mid: 2007 [star of 2 black ill accord with] fly the palace in facing. This star advocate of the disease, reason cannot be despised. That is to say of 2007 buildings mid and unfavorable put aquarium, potted, plant and red felt, it is adverse otherwise.

3, northeastern: Northeastern 2007 cannot encourage project start building, can draw on in a extremely dangerous state otherwise, never despise. Can hang a string of wind-bell in order to dissolve.

4, fund is wide the place that take and method

1, southwest square: [8 Bai Fuxing] add face southwest square, this star is one of 3 auspicious stars, it is 8 carry are medium when flourishing money star, outside carrying except director money also advocate auspicious, this is in charge of money carry.

2, northward: 7 bare defeated army star to fly 2007 face north, this star is the director slants in current movement of money, this azimuth is applied proper a fortune billow and come, can put action money to enter treasure kind if mascot as mythical wild animal, can press down curtilage enjoy a life of comfort, ill-gotten wealth while you're at it, promotion slants money carry, put action money geomantic annulus can build up more fortune.

5, the place that enhances career carry and preferment fortune

Southern: 2007[Wu Quxing] fly face south, this star is one of 3 auspicious stars, director preferment, also be to let you noble is aided, plan the place that can finish smoothly. Can put equestrian form implements, implied meaning success immediately upon arrival.

6, health accompanies you

Oriental: 2007[9 violet spark] fly face, this is in charge of healthy carry, can set the thing of good fortune as one wishes, be like restful jade.

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