Of plant and screen geomantic
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Be in all blocking evil spirit change evil spirit in article, everybody can use plant and screen; The thing of other, wait like paper of bell of lens of the Eight Diagrams, copper, brine, accord with and sword, because involve more professional share, and the colour of some things are impure feudal superstition is inside, accordingly, if do not have Great Master guidance, suggest to be not used in disorder.

Nevertheless floral chooses a side, use the plant of broad leaf green as far as possible please, other color or it is small leaf even tendril cane kind plant, not only cannot help you block bad magnetic field, when using an error, can bring instead combat the effect.

The choice of screen, head serious capable person is qualitative; Had better be to choose ligneous screen, include bamboo screen and paper screen inside, belong to woodiness screen. Plastic the screen effect that pledges with metallic ability is poorer, especially metallic screen, the magnetic field of its itself is not stable, and the magnetic field that also can violate human body, use less had better!

Moreover, the height of screen cannot too tall, had better not exceed the height when average person stands; Otherwise, too high screen heart is flabby, give a person easily instead oppressive sense, virtually creates the psychological burden of use person.

Plant and screen, can use in following case:

(1) is potted separate dirty gas, if your seat ahead or on the side when just having a bathroom, can be between seat and toilet, put a few broad leaves kind large and potted, come it can suck those who come from a toilet dirty gas (allied air is kosher the effect of machine) , 2 will can block bad magnetic field; Nevertheless, the plant that this individual plant absorbs dirty gas technically had better be a few months are changed (mix the mesh that washs air conditioning machine regularly is same) ; Otherwise, also want every other a few months let it to the outside take a breath (undertake photosynthesis) , this appearance just won't make a plant dirtier and dirtier, spit those who come is clean air no longer, let your incur instead dirty kill.

(2) lies between Jun Chen's ceremony with screen, no matter you are average employee or senior officer, the seat is facing the boss' room, had better use large broadness the leaf is potted block an inter, unsuited use screen, otherwise, the relation of you and boss can be kept apart completely by screen.

(3) seat when ahead also is facing someone, this is the person rushs to the person, had better put between two people small potted or the thing of and so on of archives of a few writ; Be sure to keep in mind! Cannot place acuteness or metal again absolutely kind thing, mix otherwise of the other side meet to evil spirit force stronger, each other magnetic field interference will be more serious.

(4) seat just is developed by corridor, can put leaf of one large broadness kind potted before the desk, block those who come from footpath evil spirit gas; Potted nevertheless height cannot too tall, also cannot too low; When about the same person is sitting, can block ahead line of sight criterion but.
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