Do away with the 10 large the most effective household that geomantic contraindi
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"Geomantic " it is a quite important segment in living environment, be on certain level nevertheless but the palm accuses. If you offended in current household geomantic contraindication, want to had had the power that sweep carry, be decorated at present with respect to the change, the letter is not believed by you, the contraindication with house geomantic nevertheless home is cannot insensible.

No-no 1

Can pull the curtain for long in order to serve as block absolutely.

The position of discrepancy gate is opposite the balcony, this was formed so called " wear a heart " , the meeting in the home gets together not easily money, have thing of suffer unexpected personal financial losses easily.

Means of settlement: Do porch ark to cut off between gate and balcony, in the gate entry point places aquarium (hit the target avoid water person cannot put aquarium, can screen replaces) . Can make the balcony the window cuts off the balcony or be cultivated potted reach plant climbing a cane, the curtain is pulled for long also is feasible method.

No-no 2

This also is a kind " wear a heart " , meet those who make the home medium reunite the function is abate, marital easy affair, wife will be red apricot gives a wall, the child does not love to come home.

Means of settlement: Do flower wearing to plant climb cany plant completely or place potted, make its inside and outside completely cut off; Can make balcony news again, also be one cuts off method. The curtain of door of balcony be born is pulled as far as possible or be between the balcony and kitchen move a line to go up, with affecting resident the action is a principle, do cabinet or screen to be cloak, anyhow does not make the balcony direct namely kitchen can.

No-no 3

Can the adornment block of the ceiling breaks his to rush evil spirit force. Lounge and bed cannot be put in the lower part of bridge, for a long time, use the person of lounge and bed for long, the body is easy much ailment.

Means of settlement: Lounge and bed avoid to be put in bridge lower part or rise Liang Bao with decorate gimmick, make its are not shown at outside can.

No-no 4

Aquarium cannot be put in the home, if environment place is cognitive,be not, should put aquarium to be able to get together only money. Beard of avoid of happy event of habitant the five elements is clear, have special the person that abstain from, should avoid in the home.

Means of settlement: The habitant the five elements in examining perpetual calendar is fond of avoid, the person that there is contraindication in the home should avoid to place this attribute article. Fire of avoid of wood of avoid of earth of avoid of water of envy of fire of avoid of happy event of the five elements, water, earth, Mu Jijin, gold.

No-no 5

Of block canopy hang down brim should make camber, avoid arrow form.
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