Door model geomantic (3)
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Ask: A surname teacher, hello. On a few period you wait to concerning villa, apartment door model undertook criticizing an aspect in detail, excuse me door model does geomantic culture have after all to living influence of the person how old?
Answer: The impact is very big. We are advocated now " it is with the person this " advocate again " healthy person is resided " , should solve effectively already namely " person " the garment, feed, live, travel, eat, drink, pull, the place that scatters these the mainest human body needs, want ground of high administrative levels to solve again " person " happy event, anger, sad, happy the place of these senior will of people needs, two this is the mankind " this " , cry so " it is with the person this " . Building optional location, layout, program, design, build on, want to make sure human physiology is healthy already, want to assure human mental health again, this is called " healthy person is resided " . Say so: Building door stand or fall is not just how many what matter to so that the room leads, what the room decorates is difficult easy, build structural dominant position, matter to living quality of the person importantly, include physiology living quality and physiology the stand or fall of on any account of aesthetic quality.

Ask: Comment on please door model be in with the actor bad that decorate what respect?

Answer: This door the advantage has 5 sides:

1. Advocate lie room and between second bedchamber all layout is in south, it is to call in provide most " gas field " " acupuncture point " on, namely the dual requirement of the physiology of optimum person, mental health.

2. Advocate vicinity is with the each other between second bedchamber between bedchamber, make advocate lie parents facilitates take care of lying children, children also facilitates communicate with parents, make " enrage Chang Shuntong " .

3. Advocate lie room and between second bedchamber all between the closest Yu Weisheng, very convenient also appropriate.

4. Sitting room, study all becomes unit independently, each provide its function.

5. Window of kitchen north adjacent, solved well " ventilated leak " problem.

Ask: So door model what does insufficient blemish have?

Answer: The biggest inadequacy is dining-room. The table of dining-room is tilting to put unexpectedly, it is to call " crooked desk inclined wall " big fear. 2 the door that is toilet to advocate the gate of the bedroom. 3 it is position that lies to put a television without the design. 4 it is backstairs undeserved, northerly sunken go in.

Ask: So do excuse me this 4 big drawback have tweak to correct, change to go up or be made up for?

Answer: The geomantic culture of Chinese tradition has it in this respect very strong adjust force and transform force, adjust and we can be transformed one by one.

It is " crooked desk inclined wall " . Can have the porch share that comes in from the gate cutting off, face shoe ark namely, along the kitchen on the west wall, increase again outspread system of a wall will cut off, such table stuck the area of the wall to increase greatly, can make direction of mensal and complete thing is placed thereby, "Case " .
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