How to look door model geomantic (1)
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Villa door geomantic culture is commented on

Ask: Is this villatic area size proper?
Answer: 349 square metre are appropriate 3 acting people add domestic baby-sitter one person lives. If the person is little,slant big. We should notice the area size of housing to answer " moderate of be placed in the middle " , maintain the residence " yin and yang is balanced " . If the room Yours Excellency little or room Lilliputian is much all should not be. Former make habitant energy has been used up big, latter makes habitant physiology psychology has the feeling of narrow depression.

Ask: Its first floor platform and 2 buildings balcony, gazebo amounts to 5, whether too much?
Answer: Platform, balcony especially gazebo is the residence " gas field " , its area is of course " the more the better " . This villa decorates them mostly in east or south (west less) , avoid to decorate in northern part it is right. Because they are to offer people to be absorbed in the more when the activity sunshine and fresh air and view and admire circumjacent scenery use, want so " to southeast, avoid northwest " .

Ask: How is villatic appearance designed?
Answer: Overall and pretty good, slant foreign west style. But have a few inadequacy: It is place of some of the wall outside first floor uses rubble, some places use Bai Qiang, the style is owed harmonious. If first floor all uses rubble, can give a person with " dignified, firm, natural " feeling. 2 it is 2 buildings balcony, gazebo should not adopt iron to protect column, as discrepant as integral style also.

Ask: Its chimney position how?
Answer: This is an a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting. Chimney cannot put in villa south midpoint, give a person with chimney the feeling of abrupt be high up in the air. The northwest part that should put villa or northeast horn are advisable.

Ask: How is that gate designed?
Answer: The gate takes step form very good, have already " it is step by step tall " decorous, have waterproof and moistureproof effect again. But, the door does not have a Xiaona among completely necessary. Saying from culture is a crevasse, although inside doing porch also was not necessary.

Ask: How is the arc arcade of villatic gate designed?
Answer: Because 2 buildings gazebo is on arcade, its area is so larger, go up from the function of 2 buildings gazebo and outside on the integral style effect that establishs a range all pretty good, especially the arcade of first floor has the effect that keep out wind and rain. Insufficient is, arcade " block this world " : Crossed wide arcade to affect first floor living room badly namely (should be a sitting room) the light inside.
Ask: Is the internal composition design of first floor reasonable?
Answer: Overall pretty good still, used " wrong layer type " , to the person with " strewn at random have send " administrative levels aesthetic feeling. Add " wrong layer small department " in south, "Wrong layer tall ministry " in north, it is to call accept gas pool is angry. But also have two inadequacy: Be first floor " living room " should mix the area west (porch area) become repeatedly, the step stair that cancels to be on dining-room (stay only in the west used quite) , monarch thereby for an air and the congress sitting room that uses quite. Otherwise a so big villa actually the sitting room with pretty neither one. 2 be a kitchen opening wide type is an a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting. Of the prandial dish because of China cook unlike foreigner is simple in that way and little oil. Burn houseful of oily flavour of rape oil mist to go. Because this kitchen must be used,keep apart enclosed.
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