Door model geomantic (2)
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Door model armour is geomantic comment on:

Ask: Excuse me of this one apartment door model how is the structure designed?
Answer: This is according to ancient those who say for " in axial symmetry " train of thought designs door model, the advantage depends on designing handy, mobile space has central area. Defect depended on increasing layout difficulty. For the technology of structure distribution program from contemporary and foremost edge and theory, the design of symmetry applies to office building, hotel commonly, go vacationing village, do not suit domestic residence too.

Ask: Is its virtue excuse me particular where be?
Answer: The biggest advantage depends on this apartment its sitting room and balcony. It lies of apartment " gas field " -- central position, morale of the most ventilated pay and sunshine are abundant. It is next will advocate lie and second lie to all be arranged in south, very appropriate " it is with the person this " health lives. Was to design two toilet moreover, very solved conveniently advocate lie with second lie, the life demand of sitting room and study.

Ask: So where is its defect?
Answer: Should say the defect on the design and unreasonable place are more. E.g. :
1. puts table in the northwest horn of the sitting room, both neither aerates, do not have illumination again, rely on the gate of discrepancy closely again, unfavorable.
2. second lying northwest horn protruding took a study, formed in the study very big " acute angle carrying a heart on the head " , it is to call pen of one defeat utterly.
3. thing leads to a kitchen unexpectedly to a window of toilet, it is one big " extreme misery photograph is overcome " big fear, of such toilet and kitchen " sweet smelly string together flavour " , also cannot take extremely.
Door of 4. Beijing University comes in, direct to sitting room sofa, it is to call " have strong " . There ought to be a partition in in sofa.
5. advocate lie, second the air conditioning of box of air conditioning of the buy outside lying to have with the two side of the study frame, but center stateroom is worn without the set outside reasonable air conditioning however, and can put its on the balcony only. Also be a big neglect, error.

Ask: Look this apartment is to actor has of low quality, so, change bad to be actor excuse me, or as far as possible does layout adjust more and advantageous method?
Answer: This must undertake careful analysis and try reasonably clever adjusted. Can put forward the adjustment with reasonable the following for instance plan:
1. gate comes in to develop sofa continuously locally, be in namely the boreal flank of sofa, decorate porch of a craft sex. Will cut off the outside to be able to peep the malpractice of indoor privacy, 2 will increase into the feeling with aesthetic door, 3 will make indoor flow air current euphemistic and circuitous. Effectively will sitting room and advocate lying wall -- be opposite this continuously of the gate " strong role " even up.
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